Welcome to the Party

Learn to Party

We've put together a great interactive tutorial so you can get partying as quickly as possible. Additionally you can skip to the full instructions in any of the following sections

Who We Are

We're Benjamin and George, a pair of Stanford grads with degrees in architectural design and mathematics, respectively. We love fun games with simple rules and expansive gameplay, so we're trying to make more of them. You'll often find us knees deep in post-its, big ideas, and, of course, sets of Block Party.

Get in Touch

Have something to tell us? Feedback on our site, fandom for our games, or anything you'd like to share with us, we're happy to hear from you. We're people too, even if it looks like we live in the internet. Drop us a line at team at 3pxh.com. Alternatively you can reach just Benjamin or George with either b or g at 3pxh.com.