Indras Net

A Metaphysical Love Story

Your goal is simple: turn all of the tiles to white. Tap tiles to see their effect on the board and discover how each new level works. But understanding the levels is often not enough, nor is it required. To truly progress with Indra's Net you will embrace emptiness and allow your mind to work subconsciously on its symmetry.

Indra's Net is a metaphysical love story between Cause and Effect embodied in an abstract logical puzzler. It will bend your mind and change its rules as you progress. As you solve each level, the next will bring something different and new.


  • 266 unique level types
  • Brand new levels on each playthrough
  • Solve puzzles at your own pace, in one sitting or five, in five minutes or five hours
  • Endless challenge as levels get progressively more difficult
  • Delightful colors and sounds will keep you playing without getting frustrated