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How to Play: Block Party Classic

Block Party can be played with 1-6 players for as long as they like. Players simultaneously search for parties (symmetric collections of four icons, see below for more), shouting "Party!" when they find one, after which they put it together to show the group and flip the four blocks used (see image).

For a more finite and competitive version, players can keep score (often with tokens or Block Party cards) where the first player to 10 parties wins. This number can be changed to alter the duration of the game, or set per player to handicap and make for a fair race.

How to Party

A party is a collection of four icons where

This can take a little bit of practice to learn, but with the interactive tutorial below you'll be partying in no time! On the left below is a pool of icons that you can use to make parties in the party box in the middle, and the table to the right will show you which traits are successfully matched and how.

Pick an icon from the pool
To make the party
How do you know it's a party?
yay! yay! yay!
1 color 1 shape 1 fills
4 colors 4 shapes 4 fills


Another? or Make it harder

Ready for more?

Making parties isn't all you can do with a set of Block Party. We have discovered dozens of variations with different play styles to learn and experiment with, and you can invent your own games too! For some of the things we've found, check out one of the sections below.