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Ways to Party

Having learned what a party is you've already unlocked an entire collection of Block Party games. These range in difficulty and can be made competitive or noncompetitive. They're great for up to 6 players and you can even play by yourself.

Party Classic

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate. Time: 3-15 minutes.

There are no turns. Players roll all 8 cubes to start and begin searching for parties on face-up sides without moving the cubes. When a player finds a party, she shouts "Party!" and puts the cubes together, demonstrating the party to the group. Afterwards, she flips the four blocks making the party.
Optional rules (can be used with any variation)

Variations, blocks only Variations with cards

If you play Party Classic variations enough, you'll get really fast. Congratulations! But how do you make the game interesting again, where is the challenge? You can remove a block or two and try to party with just 6 or 7 blocks (it's still possible!) or you could go even more difficult and play...

Double Party

Double parties are collections of 6 blocks in a 2x3 grid such that both four-way intersections make parties. Any of the variations with classic parties can be adapted to double parties except for the 3x3 games. To adapt cards, a double party must have at least one party matching a card. A double match may optionally allow for a double play, whether to discard twice or take twice from a pile.

Mouse Party & Tri-Party

A mouse party and tri-party are arrangements of parties on 3 blocks (see pictures). Any of the party variations (except 3x3) can be done with mouse- and tri-parties to make things a bit different.

Free Party

All types of parties (classic, double, mouse-, and tri-) are allowed. To add scoring, count 12 points for mouse/tri, 16 for classic, and 48 for double (or rather, number of icons * number of blocks). First player to 100 (or 500, or 1000) wins. Optionally loops can be added (with the same scoring mechanic, giving 8 points for 2-loops, 18 for 3-loops, 32 for 4, 50 for 5, etc.).