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Other Games

Solitaire Puzzles

These aren't strictly solitaire and cooperative players can enjoy these games together. However, since play involves manipulation of the blocks it can be difficult for more than a couple players to work together as they cannot see blocks which are covered by other players' hands.

Shapemaker (beginner-advanced)

If you haven't yet read the Loops and Neighbors section, it will be useful for this section and the next.

Shapemaker consists of making various structures out of edge-matches (2-loops) while allowing rotation of the blocks to facilitate making more difficult shapes which might not be possible on a random roll. These shapes vary from a straight line of 8 blocks to a 2x2 square (optionally with a party in the middle) to the infamously difficult 3x3 with a gap in the middle. If you like rotating the blocks around to find particular symbols and slow, meditative puzzles then this one is for you!

Daisy Chains (intermediate)

Daisy Chains is a sequence game of forming loops of consecutive lengths which will take an experienced player under 20 minutes (under 10 for the really speedy ones out there) and is a nice, finite meditation. Roll all 8 blocks and begin by finding a 2-loop without changing the up faces. Roll the two blocks in the loop and form a 3-loop. Then roll those three. Continue until you've made an 8-loop. Players have described the sensation of completing all 7 daisy chains as "euphoric" and "so, so satisfying".

Ghosts (expert)

Here it will be useful to describe what a preparty is. A preparty is like a party but more flexible, since it allows pairs of attributes. So instead of requiring 1 shape or 4 shapes, a preparty allows 2 shapes but they must come in pairs. For example the four glyphs to the right are a preparty. You can have any number of traits occurring in pairs, so even the following is a valid preparty
Note that for any three icons there is a unique fourth which will complete their preparty, while not all triples of icons can be used to form a party. We'll call a collection of three icons a triple, and the one that would complete their preparty an absent guest. A preparty ghost party is a collection of four triples where the four absent guests of each of those would make a true party.

We form preparty ghost parties by arranging the cubes in a 3x3 grid with a gap in the middle. The four corners of the gap have 3 icons coming together from the cubes. Arranging the 8 cubes such that those four corners create a preparty ghost party (on a random roll) is one of the most challenging, yet possible, puzzles that can be done with the blocks. Expert players looking to test the capacities of the human brain can attempt to do these mentally while in a party setting (after they have mastered double party).

The METACUBE (grandmaster)

Since this is by far the most insanely difficult of all things that can be done with a set of Block Party, there was a prize of a monogrammed laser-etched set of monochrome blocks for the first person who presented a solution of the metacube (it was first solved 6/22/20014 by Jean-Noël). So what is the metacube?

A valid metacube is an arrangement of the 8 blocks into a 2x2x2 cube such that the middle of each face is a party. That's it. Happy puzzling and let the best partier win! Solving with a print and play set is allowed.

If you solve the metacube, send the solution and we'll announce your name and put it up here. Solvers, in order:

  1. Jean-Noël

Other Variations

These puzzles are what you make of them, and there are many more that aren't described here and that we haven't even discovered ourselves.